Friday, October 1, 2010

Strider PREBikes Running Bikes - 10% off code!

If you have a child under five you have got to check out Pacific Strider Bikes - these are such a simple but awesome toy / learning tool for your kids.  Our 3 & 4 year old are LOVING their Strider Bike - I only wish I knew about them sooner.

The Strider PreBike is a pretty cool concept - it basically teaches kids to ride a two wheeler with no need for training wheels.  It is a small two wheeler 'Pre-Bike' - there are no pedals and NO TRAINING wheels.  You have got to check out the video of kids riding these things! Basically if a child can walk - he can straddle the bike and walk along with it.  It sounds odd, but our kids simply walked it along until they seemed to just 'know' how to balance.  There are little foot rests (again - no pedals) and the kids just coast on their bike down the sidewalk! The seat easily adjusts to grow with your child. It is really amazing! It seems so simple, I cannot believe we had never seen it before. 

Our friend's little boy who is not quite two can ride and balance his Strider PreBike perfectly!  Our kid's just got their Strider and they are still getting the hang of it, but they do coast really well.  I know that when they are big enough for a 'big kid' bike they will be completely prepared - that is such a great feeling!  I was amazed that in maybe an hours time our 4 year old was able to put her feet on the feet rest and coast around without falling! I had seen the videos of other kids, but to see my own child (knowing her not to be exceptionally coordinated) was pretty cool!

This Pre-Bike is a really awesome investment and not really any more than most mini bikes with training wheels!  If you have a child anywhere from 18(ish) months - 5 or 6 years old I HIGHLY suggest it!  This bike is lightweight but very durable and I would imagine could be passed down to many children.  Also, by looking at the videos I can see that many kids may learn on the PreBike as a toddler/preschooler - but it can grow into a really fun trick bike for older kids. 

Pacific Strider Bikes is right here in San Diego!  They ship prebikes all over the continental US for FREE!  If you are in North County San Diego they will actually deliver your prebike for FREE!

Want a better deal?  Pacific Strider Bikes is offering 10% off to San Diego Deals and Steals readers!  Simply enter the code 'DEALS' at checkout.  You do NOT need to be a San Diego resident to take advantage of this deal! You simply need to enter the code.  Feel free to pass it on to anyone you think might enjoy it.

Thank you very much to Pacific Strider Bikes for offering this great discount to San Diego Deals and Steals readers!


  1. when will the code expire? we are thinking about Christmas presents...

  2. code is supposed to be good through December 2010 - I will inform everyone if anything changes but the code was specifically made for holiday purchases =) Make sure to share with anyone that is not local either - they ship anywhere in the US for free!


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