Saturday, September 25, 2010

You are about to have your mind BLOWN with a trifecta of online discount awesomeness.....

Are you sitting down - because that is so sweet you really should be sitting down. is a great online discount program with hundreds of San Diego locations to choose from.  They are not without limitations (ie you cannot combine this certificate with another discount and there is a minimum purchase necessary) but overall a VERY good deal (when they are 80% off I see them more or less as a 1/2 off coupon) - I highly suggest you check them out RIGHT NOW - and this is why.... has a SWEET deal right now for 80% off (they do this all the time actually) - simply enter the code word AUTUMN at check out - viola - 80% off - $25 worth of food for a mere $2.  This deal is only good through September 26th!

but wait - there's more!

You will also get a FREE $10 gift certificate thrown in for FREE! (so nice of them right?!) - again - only through September 26th!

BUT WAIT! is on (angels singing at this point) - this is so exciting to me - I have checked for on Ebates before - note the 's' - oops! - Well - when I realized I had the address wrong I checked out the correct name & they are on Ebates and you can get an additional 15% off!! Also keep in mind that if you are new to you will also get $5 for your first qualifying purchase!

If you haven't checked out or you really should! It is a very easy way to make your money go a little further (farther? - I really don't know which one is right) can save you about half on a dinner out with your love and Ebates will send you a quarterly check to your house. helps our family squeeze another date night into our monthly budget and our Ebates 'big fat check' is always deposited into our adoption fund account (not much but every $1 we don't have to fundraise is a blessing in my book!)

Do you feel weird about using coupons? Well - my good friend Dave Ramsey once said 'the average millionaire drives a 4 year old car and shops with coupons' so I am OK with coupons!  Just tip well and the server usually doesn't mind.

So I hope that trifecta was as exciting to you as it was to me!

Enjoy ~

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