Sunday, November 7, 2010

$4 for a ticket to the Head to Toe Women's Expo! 1/2 off!

We just had an awesome giveaway for Head to Toe Women's Expo - I really wish all who entered could have won!  I couldn't give everyone a ticket, but here is a GREAT option!

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE Circlebuzz?

Here is why....

Today's CircleBuzz is  a great discount on Head to Toe Women's Expo tickets!  For a mere $4 you can get a ticket! I am beyond excited to check out this Expo for the first time!

This would make such a fun girls day! I am actually bringing my mom with me - we can't wait to check out all the new products and I am guessing this is gonna be an awesome place for crazy awesome deals!

I plan on checking it out on the 14th - I hope to see you there!

Enjoy ~ Kate

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