Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to San Diego Deals and Steals!

It is hard to believe that a year ago today our little blog went live.  The idea for this blog started as little more than a way for me to stay more accountable to our finances.  I assumed a couple friends might follow along, but never saw it quite as big as it has already become! I am really looking forward to seeing what this next year brings!

I want to thank every subscriber and reader for sticking with me even through my terrible grammar and over use of exclaimation points.

I hope San Diego Deals and Steals has helped everyone have a little more fun on a little less!  I feel like we are so blessed to live in this city and I hope to explore and share even more this year!

I would love for readers and subscribers to help me celebrate San Diego Deals and Steals birthday by donating something to a charity of their choice! If you have saved any money here I would just love for you to spread the love!  Now is a hard time for everyone - especially charities.

Just an idea I hope you will keep in mind!

Thanks for a fun first year - I hope you will stick with me through year two and please invite a friend!

Enjoy ~

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