Monday, October 18, 2010

Kidsville Playtown ~ 10% birthday party discount!

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Kidsville kid's favorite hang out!
So by now you probably know that our family is in LOVE with Kidsville Playtown - located in the Plaza Camino Real Mall in Carlsbad.
From the first time we went to Kidsville Playtown my little boy would not let up about a Kidsville birthday party.  'Mommy PWEEEESE can I have a pirate party at Kidsville?' His little 'Pweese' still melts my heart and I just really wanted to make it happen for him.

We've got two kids and it seems like we are always throwing a birthday party! It is so special - but of course exhausting!  We've always gone to a park or had friends and family over to our backyard.  We've never done anything fancy, but it still adds up.  I honestly thought having a party anywhere else would be too expensive, until I stopped to think about, favors, entertainment, park rental fee, balloons, plates, cups, napkins, party hats, candy for the adds up pretty quick!

More fun than he can handle!

 So I decided to look into what my little guy really wanted - I was surprised to see you can have your party at Kidsville Playtown for as little $250 and it includes pretty much everything I would have had to get and they do EVERYTHING for you!  Our parties are never fancy but I know when it is all added up we spend more than that! 

For $250 the birthday child and 10 friends get into Kidsville, a party host (ours was awesome!), crafts, decorations, table clothes, table ware, music, all in a private room - and unlimited free play before and after the party!  Even more is included! Check out the list!

Our very own Pirate Host interacted the whole time!

We decided to go big with the Kidsville Themed Party which is a little more but well worth it! Themed parties are $350 - they have all the is included in the first but EVERYTHING is themed to your specifications. Our host was dressed as a pirate and was very interactive with the kids and so helpful!  There were little pirate party outfits for all the kids to dress up too (my favorite part!), pirate crafts and decor, it also included pizza and juice boxes for the kids.  Each kiddo got to take home a balloon, their craft, and a special gift from the treasure chest.  Check out some of the themes you can have here!  They have lots of themes to choose from but you can always suggest a theme and they do their best to make it happen.  My little girl has already requested a 'Fancy Nancy' Party..............stay tuned!        

Crafting away!
 *my favorite part*....I didn't have to clean up! That alone has sold me!
There is also a 'Do It Yourself' Party that includes 8 admissions and a private room is only $125!

This was hands down the most fun birthday party my kids have ever had and it was the most stress free!  The only thing we had to do was send out an Evite and bring a cake!

Happy Birthday Pirate! How did we get to 4 so fast???
 Oh! Did I mention - it was raining the day of his party? Often times we rent out a space at a local park for a small fee - we would have been rained out and had to change plans. The bad weather only made our party inside Kidsville even better! Our kids and our guests got to burn a lot of energy - free bonus!


I HIGHLY suggest following Kidsville Playtown on Facebook for great deals! They often offer discounts on day admissions and parties - making it an even better deal!

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