Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shameless Plug Sunday ~ 'Chocolate Hair Vanilla Care' - great adoptive family blog

So I wanted this week's 'Shameless Plug' to be a little more light than last week!
  *side note* Thank you to all those who donated & spread the word about Katie Sherlock's fundraiser to walk in her mom's memory at the 3 Day - she raised quite a bit directly from our readers ( makes me proud & humble all at the same time)

So many of you know we are an adoptive family and we have LOTS of friends who have adopted.
*side note* - if you ever have questions about adoption please feel free to email me - we have one biological child and one adopted child and I highly endorse both forms of family growth.  Adoption has a whole humanitarian layer to it that I really enjoy but I know thinking about adoption can be overwhelming....anyway - email me if you ever want info.

  Please check out my friend's blog which chronicles the trials & triumps of styling her little girl's hair.

Please check out there are so many multi racial families and this is an awesome tool! If not for your family - you might know someone to pass it on to right?

This past week she had a post called 'Share the Hair' where she showed how to do the same fancy style on two very different hair types (the shameless plug here is that the 'vanilla' hair is my little girl & I just had to show her off!)

So again - totally random and not 'Deal or Steal' related - thank you very much for reading my 'Shameless Plug' now back to your regularly scheduled programming.


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