Thursday, November 4, 2010

Disney Movie Rewards = AWESOME!

Not at all SD specific - but if you have small children or if you are at all interested in Disney yourself you have got to sign up for Disney Movie Rewards
This is a free program - points can be earned with Disney movies and music.  They also often have free codes available online!

They also offer awesome discounts everytime a new movie is released (usually an $8 - $10 coupon!)

The rewards are really awesome - I earned enough points this year to get my son a Lilo & Stitch pillow & clock set (he has a surfer themed room) and an awesome Buzz Lightyear wings & laser set!

I needed a few extra points to get the Buzz prize and a friend gave me her extra codes she wasn't going to use - yay! I had more than I needed after I inputed them all so I donated 100 points towards their charity program that donates a movie to children in need (nice right?!)

This is one of those awesome every little bit helps online programs.

You can earn toys, movies, photobooks, and more!  Prizes from Disney are even shipped free!

Enjoy ~ Kate

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