Monday, October 4, 2010

Pick Up Stix 'Dragon Deals ~ Twofer Tuesday'

In our house we are living on a 'cash only' envelope system - when you are out of money from one particular envelope - you gotta live without whatever that envelope was for until the next month.  Hard core - I know. Where my FPU peeps at??

Checking for coupons online was always part of our life before, but now it is SO MUCH more important.  We've noticed that Pick Up Stix has some amazing deals online.  They have great BOGO coupons I have mentioned before - but also check out their no coupon necessary 'Twofer Tuesday' deal for tonight - a GREAT deal for $10.99!

Enjoy ~


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  2. Dave Ramsey Is AWESOME!! We are enevelope people too!! on our way to debt free :)

  3. awesome! we will be debt free (other than the house *sigh*) in mid June this year - yay! one more month! totally worth it!!


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