Thursday, May 27, 2010

crazy awesome sales at Las Americas & Carlsbad Premium Outlets

Click here for the advertisment about the sales at Las Americas & Carlsbad Premium Outlets - it doesn't say exactly what the sales will be, but I call all but assure you of two things - it will be awesome and it will be busy!

Usually on big sale weekends there are deep discounts on nearly everything in the store.  My favorite section (clearance of course) at nearly every store usually has an additional percentage off (like HUGE additional percentage - think 40% - 60% ADDITIONAL!)

But wait there's more! VIP members can get even more discounts - what does it take to be a VIP - NOTHING! You just sign up & voila - you are entitled to more discounts! print out coupons on the site & make sure to print out the coupon for a free discount booklet - awesome discounts that you can apply on top of other discounts!

Also - if you enjoy Coach (who doesn't??) - make sure to peek in this weekend - USUALLY there are employees at each door handing out additional 20% - 30% off your purchase coupons - I suggest you take this coupon and head straight for the back (clearance) and talk yourself into a nice it for me, I am currently fasting purses, please email me a picture of your purse w/ a breakdown of your discount - nothing would make me happier *sigh* Let me live vicariously through you!

Happy Shopping everyone!

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