Tuesday, June 22, 2010

SAN DIEGO COUNTY Library Fines waived FRIDAY June 25th (last friday of the month)

Return your books, CDs, DVDs and other overdue materials on the last Friday of each month and your fines will be erased! The Library does not really make money on the fines - they really just want their books back.

They will waive fines THIS Friday! JUNE 25, 2010 - you bring it in & the fine is waived - easy as that!

If you do have fines, make sure to check that they remove them - an easy way to check is to check out another item - the computer will let you know if you have any outstanding fines - simply let the librarian know & they will take it off manually.  Easy Peasy!

This is all San Diego COUNTY Libraries - but apparently not City Libraries - some libraries are independant from the County and do NOT participate (one being Oceanside) - please double check with yours, the majority of libraries are County libraries - so most likely yours is participating!
Enjoy ~


  1. what library is this? ~ Sandra in Oside

  2. ALL San Diego public libraries (according to their website & publications) I assume that means there are no exceptions! The library does not really make money on fines, they just want their books back - turning them in on the last Friday of the month is a great way to save a few bucks!

  3. thank you, but not oceanside apparantly (icalled). still ill return them today :0)

  4. that is so weird! thanks for letting me know - i will make a note of it for next month - so weird that Oceanside doesn't - it SHOULD be all based on the SD site...hmmmm - weird! anyway - thanks for letting me know!

  5. This deal is ONLY for the San Diego County Library.

    It DOES NOT apply to San Diego City Libraries, Oceanside Library, National City Library, Coronado Library, etc. They are all seperate systems.

    It is ONLY the San Diego County Libraries that will waive fines the last Friday of the month.

  6. bummer! hopefully the city libraries will adopt some similar system, I hope they will let me know when they do - I know the County/City is sometimes confusing - either way MANY libraries do participate, so check your local branch today!


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