Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get $50 & save $$ each month on your energy costs - nice!

SDG&E will give you $50 for your old working refrigerator or freezer AND will pick it up for free - sweet!

We donated our garage fridge several years back and were SHOCKED by how much our electricity bill dropped! It was ridiculous to spend that much to have a little extra freezer room and cold drinks in the garage!

Just a little insight to how my brain works...I like to justify luxury purchases with past frugalness - so this is how I would look at it ~ donate your fridge - get $50 (woot!) you will also save $10-$20 EACH MONTH (if your fridge is super old & inefficient) - in my mind - that justifies turning the air on whenever you want once it gets hot - makes sense right?

call 1-800-599-5792 or visit http://www.for-pickup.com/ for more information.

Enjoy ~

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