Friday, May 28, 2010

Today was just one of those a good way!

So today I went to my mailbox - and this is what was waiting for me...

*2 hardcover shutterfly books (free shipping)
*12 custom shutterfly cards (free shipping)
*$10 Starbucks gift card from our credit card reward program
*1 credit card bill (boo) - but I mention b/c it is the LAST one we will get that has any kind of balance - it will be completely paid  off this time - woot!  We are gonna keep our one CC open just for our bills we put on in automatically (ex - phone bill) b/c then we earn fun stuff for free - but we will not be using the CC for purchases anymore.
*1 free Lever soap from Sam's club
*Shape magazine (free 2 year subscription w/ no purchase necessary)
*Caribean magazine (also free 2 year subscription w/ no purchase necessary - my daughter is 'crafting' with it as we speak - I just glance at the pics & daydream for a minute then hand it over to her -I never even read it!)
*Vocal Point Pantene box ~ came with samples of shampoo & conditioner as well as several high value coupons (likely will get free full sized products with them for nada)
* Shorts I ordered from that were totally free plus free shipping (I do have a GAP card - which i really do NOT endorse unless you can pay it off everytime no matter what b/c the interest is like 25%! I found a fun way to fundraise for our adoption on ebay w/ Gap stuff I buy on sale - I got the Gap card to make large purchases for my ebay sales (long story, won't explain) but I pay it off every time & then I get rewards points that I use to purchase stuff for my family for FREE! I have NEVER ever let this card carry a balance - they do have a fantastic reward program & give out awesome coupons - but again - DON'T get one if you think there will ever be a time you won't pay it in full.

SO anyway - that was my mailbox this afternoon & it kinda made my day - I thought I should share! Look for freebies! Sign up for the ones I share here - they totally add up!


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