Sunday, June 27, 2010

Check out 'Post Your Adoption Fundraiser Here' - sort of a diversion, but hang with me....

Hi Friends ~

This is sort of a shameless plug - except that it really is for other people no me, and there are LOTS of good deals to be had, so it really should be shared!

As anyone who has read this blog for any amount of time knows, we are super passionate about adoption - embracing a frugal lifestyle truly was born out of trying to get from 'we could never afford that' to making it a reality.  We are not by any means 'wealthy' - at least by American standards, but we knew that we wanted to grow our family at least in part through adoption.  We knew we could love a child no matter their DNA and there are over 147 Million documented orphans in the world.  We knew we personally wanted to adopt internationally - where children are the least likely to be adopted, and when they age out they have the least amount of resources available to them.  Statistically our healthy son's life expectancy was 30 years old simply because his country does not have the resources to care for these children and many can't make it on their own if they survive the institution - simply by being adopted our son now has a 'normal' life expectancy.  I can't seem to put a price on that.  Well, I can't, but airlines, hotels, adoption agencies, lawyers, all seem to be able to put a price on it. I'm not here to debate adoption costs - it is what it is, research can save you from scams, but even legitimate adoptions (vast majority) will have a cost.

I have had MANY people ask me when we are fundraising 'why are you adopting if you can't afford another kid and have to fundraise?' - we can afford to have another child - we cannot on our own afford the fees associated with an adoption- so we, like many others save and fundraise - the same way someone would for a missions or humanitarian trip. 

So that my friends is my long introduction to my other blog....Post Your Adoption Fundraiser Here - we truly hope to adopt again soon - possibly our last adoption.  We don't want to be a megafamily - but we want to do more to help those waiting for families and for those families waiting for children.  So we started this blog as a place for people to post their online fundraisers and where hopefully others will purchase! - I totally get that not everyone wants to adopt or even can, but I think pretty much everyone thinks that every child deserves a home.  As an adoptive parent I can tell you first hand the process is NOT easy, it is worth it, but it is not easy - one small way that people can help those who are adopting is by making a donation or purchasing an item from an 'adoption fundraiser'.  Please check it out - read the families blogs, check out their fundraisers - at least bookmark it for when you need a gift - everything from books to tshirts to Ethiopian coffee - even an IPAD raffle (what?!). 

If my blog has saved your family money I would really love for you to remember this other blog, consider it a personal thank you to me =)

Thanks for reading! I hope you find something fun!

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