Saturday, June 26, 2010

I rocked it at Target & clearance!

So today when Daddy got home, Mommy needed a trip to Target (who else has those days??)

Anyway, I went to Target with coupons & reusable bags in hand with only three things on my shopping list - loofa, shampoo, baby shampoo - that was it.

But I also had a couple other very important things - lots of free item coupons, several sets of stackable Manufactures AND Target for the same single item coupons, and most importantly...time.

Long story short -

Original Price $74.85 (it is important to point out this original number is actually much higher because several items were on clearance & were marked down as much as 1/2 off - but I don't want to tally all of what it could have been, but I really want you to know the number is actually EASILY another $20 higher)

Kate's Price $28.37....I know, I'm awesome.

Now I am not gonna lie - some of it is not stuff I would have purchased anyway- but it was free.  But LOTS of it was stuff I would have bought - fresh boneless skinless chicken breast (who knew they even had that at Target??), fresh steak (again - who knew??), shampoo, crackers, brownie mix, cottage cheese, yogurt, 12 double rolls of toilet paper, body wash, a watermelon plant (I will likely kill this before Monday - but it was $1 so I am gonna give it a whirl), baby wipes (my kids are out of diapers but I am putting them in a shower gift) and the list goes on.

There was a time when I would go to Target with a list of three things and I would end up spending $150 (I think most of us do that right?) Today I went way off my list but still only spent less than $30 - yay!

Stick with me friends! I will show you how!  Not sure if this is blog worthy...but my husband was very impressed and so was everyone in line behind me, so I thought I would put it out there.

Enjoy ~


  1. Awesome! Which Target did you shop at? The target in Encinitas has no fresh food. I used to love shopping at the Super Target when I lived in NC.

  2. Vista (the old one on University) - they just added produce this month - I dont know if it is considered a 'super target' - but they have a decent grocery store inside & there are lots of 'remodel specials' going on right now =)


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