Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dear Spammers ~ You are rude ~ stop it. Love, Kate

So apparently spammers think my blog is a great avenue for their shady business tactics.  I will now have to monitor all comments.  I LOVE and encourage comments on this blog and I am sorry they will have to go through moderation from now on - one because it gives me more work to do (on my free blog) and two - because people cannot interact with eachother in real time anymore.

I think I have eliminated all of the spam. On the off chance that I missed any Please - If you see comments in Chinese characters do NOT click on them out of curiousity, just trust me....

Also, please don't click on people that comment completely out of context just to promote their random business - it's just rude of them to do that!

If you want to promote your business - email me! We can work out a promotional give away or something - but the days of spamming the comment section is over - sorry!

Anway - to the cool people - PLEASE still leave comments! I promise to post them! To the lame people - perhaps finding a more respectable way of making a living would suit you in the future? In any case you will need to find someone else to bug cuz I am shutting you down.


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  1. :) Don't ya just love that.. I always have to laugh when I get a comment telling me how insightful and well thought out my free tampon sample post is :)


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