Thursday, June 3, 2010

Speaking of the 99 cents store...

So with beach season here I thought I should plug my favorite stores again (99 cents & $1 stores). 

Here are some awesome things we have picked up for our kids at the 99cents store and $1 store...

*flip flops (with dora & diego - score!)
*sand toys
*sun glasses (superman & princess - score again)
*spray water bottles - (those of you planning to go to any themepark / fair / etc - you can pay $14 for one there or buy one at the 99cents store before going in - its your call)
*snacks (don't be a snob - they are worth at least checking out - it is hit or miss - but I have found organic raisins, earths best crackers, kids cliff bars! yes, there is a ton of weird off brand stuff - but there are some gems)

Enjoy ~

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