Thursday, June 3, 2010

Today I went to the 99 cents store - oh was actually Sprouts

Ok - this is random, but I thought I should I went to Sprouts (just like I normally do) and noticed that there were two overflowing carts of mark downs (ALL down to 99cents) - nice!

I have noticed that Sprouts & Henrys does this quite often and my purpose for posting is just to remind you to always check them out - you can get some great deals (and no - nothing is expired or even close to it!)

I got a couple boxes of glueten (sp) free kids cereal & fruit bars (no allergies in our house - but we are going to Disneyland, the fair, the beach - lots of places this summer where we will need snacks & 99 cents for 5 is about as cheap as they get!)

I also got organic cereal, organic cornbread mix, cookie mix, all natural warm breakfast cereal - and quite a bit more.

I went in for the 99 cent berries and the 2lbs for a $1 quick oats and eggs - I got a bit distracted but I only spent $11! the most expensive thing I bought was the eggs ($1.50!).

Not sure if it is blog worthy - but it kinda seemed like the healthiest, fanciest 99 cent store I had ever been to & I kinda wanted to share =)

Enjoy ~

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