Monday, June 14, 2010

Tips for the Frugal Fair Goer ~ New entry

The Fair is HERE! - here are some great ways to save some cash!

* $3.00 Tuesday — Come to the Fair on Tuesday, June 15, for just $3.00! You can purchase these special tickets at Albertsons (minimum purchase required) - YOU CANNOT BUY THEM AT THE GATE - remember Tuesday is also 'kid's day' meaning they are FREE if under 12! nice! it will be BUSY!
* Don't want to go opening day for $3? You can still get $2 off tix at Albertsons for any day - you can also buy a full fair pass for $22 (only through June 10th)
*click here for a survey you can take - you can save on admission but restrictions apply (booo for restrictions)
*Click here for a reading certificate - make your kids earn their fair tix - they just have to read 10 books & have a teacher or librarian sign off on it - nice!
*Kids 5 & under are always free - kids 6-12 can get in free every Tuesday!
*You can get BOGO tickets at any Toyota Dealership (they say no test drive required....I am suspicious)
*If you are a State employee - you have lots to complain about for sure - but here is a silver lining - Furlough Fridays : If you are a state employee, bring a friend, come to the Fair on Fridays and get in for free! Show your California employee ID or paycheck stub at Will Call and both of you can enjoy the Fair.
*Parking can cost you up to $10! check this link for free options (we ALWAYS park at the horse park (our kids think the double decker bus is another ride)
* one of their tips - bring your own lunch - yes it is allowed - but don't we go to the fair for the food?? My suggestion - at least bring your own waters!
* Taste the fair Tuesdays - you can get a sample at a food booth for $2 - some are more generous than did work well for our family - I want a sample of EVERYTHING!
* Keep your eyes peeled for promotional booths - IE - we went last year & Burts Bees was giving away free Lip Balm (the ladies made their men go through the booth too & yes, we made our kids go through too) - there were others too - but for some reason the free Lip Balm is what is sticking out in my mind. when we went on Saturday they had free samples of Fage Greek Yogurt (we convinced our kids that it was our dessert - totally free & we skipped the ice cream calories & sugar - nice!)

*NEW entry - thanks to NICHOLE! if you buy $10 in certain brands and get fair tickets there you can get $5 off entrance into the fair! (not for the $3 Tuesday though) - nice deal right? Please see store for details as I cannot find this on the web - but check it out!

*NEW - remember that if your kiddos are into the petting zoo - make sure to have them go to the Albertson's sponsored 'shopping' game - it is so cute and free entertainment, a little grocery store just their size....much to my 4 year old's disappointment they will not allow you to play if you are under 5, BUT they will still give you the prize - ALL KIDS get a coloring page with a coupon for a free apple or banana - nice!


  1. See this week's Albertson's add- they have a deal where if you buy $10 in select products, a coupon would print for you to receive $5 off any in-store purchased ticket to the fair.

  2. thanks! awesome tips! can you guys believe there are people that just drive up to the gate & just pay??? so silly - with a little research you can save tons! =)


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