Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Wednesdays are the best days to shop at Sprouts & Henrys

Attention Sprouts & Henry's shoppers! - keep in mind that you get a little more for your money when you shop on Wednesdays. Both Henrys & Sprouts honor the prior weeks specials & the current weeks specials so you have LOTS more sale items to buy.

Both of these stores have some pricey items, but their produce is usually pretty hard to beat! I LOVE to go on Wednesdays - I can usually get a couple bags full of a variety of fresh produce and usually around $8 - $9!

*always remember to check the clearance carts (usually right at the front of the store) - sometimes there is GREAT stuff & tons of it - it might not be what you went in for - but if you can get something that you would use anyway for 80% off - go for it!

Bonus - bring in your own bags! You will get a 5 cent credit for each one you bring in - that may not be alot - but I have never seen a nickel on the ground I was too proud to pick up, so I always try to remember, plus of course it saves the planet. =)

Happy Shopping ~


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