Sunday, August 29, 2010

FREE Official ASL University Online program! Other cost effective ideas too!

We LOVED using Sign Language with our kids when they were little!  Our whole family was actually featured in Baby Sign Language Basics which is an excellent resource about signing for parents.

My parents loved to brag that their 2 year old grand kids were 'trilingual' - English, Spanish, and ASL - I guess technically they were right, but it sounded funny - grandparents sure like to brag. ;)

You can pay quite a bit of money to take classes - but there are lots of great resources out there so you can learn for FREE!

Click here for full access to a fully acredited American Sign Language Online program.  I am guessing MOST reading this are not really interested in a career in ASL - but it has an amazing video library of just about every word you could think of.  If you have a little signer it could prove to be a great resource. 

Thank you so much to for this tip!

Another couple ideas for parents interested in signing with kids

- we took a signing class at our church - it was about $25 and it was a fundraiser - win win!  If a deal like this becomes available I will be sure to let you know!

- we borrowed 'Signing Time' videos from the library! Totally free and our kids LOVED them - they are four and three and obviously know how to communicate verbally but still ask if they can borrow a signing video - which I am happy to allow.  Libraries also often have signing classes - you can call and ask your local library if they have a signing class or playgroup.

- YouTube it!  - there is tons of information about signing at your fingertips for FREE on

Happy Signing ~

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