Saturday, August 28, 2010

Plum District ~ yet another one day coupon site! FREE $20 at Playwerx w/ coupon code!

As you may have noticed I am really starting to get into the one day coupon sites!

Each is essentially the same in that they have a CRAZY low coupon that usually lasts only one day (or sometimes a couple days).  But each has something really cool too and that is why I personally enjoy subscribing to all of them.

Here is another fun one ~ Plum District

 Reader & fellow blogger Ordinary Mommy shared this hot tip on my facebook page. Thanks Ordinary Mommy!

TODAY only you can purchase $20 worth of admissions to Playwerx for only $10 - great deal right? But it gets better! SIGN UP HERE  - enter the code FRUITFUL when you purchase and you will get a $10 free credit applied to your purchase -

VIOLA! FREE! I just printed my voucher!  I am so excited! My kids are in for a special treat this next week before preschool starts!

Plum District also has a GREAT referral program! When you send to friends you get a $10 credit for each person that signs up when they make their first purchase (pretty much everyone does that) - what is really great is that each person who signs up ALSO GETS $5! So sign up today - you get FREE Playwerx & also a free $5 towards your next purchase! Can't beat that!

Enjoy ~


  1. I'm addicted to the coupon sites too! Thanks for this one...I just "bought" it!

  2. i know! i am too! it took me forever to even sign up for the first coupon site b/c i didnt like the idea of getting an email everyday! ha - now I get a dozen - but they are all SO great! And with that promo code I just had to share =)
    glad you found it =)


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