Sunday, September 12, 2010

Great Trade In Event ~ Babies R Us ~ get 25% off!

'The Great Trade In' Event at Babies R Us is going on right now through September 19th.  It is a simple program that can save you quite a bit.  Bring in an old baby item (car seat, pack n play, bassinet, or several other choices) and you can purchase a shiny new one for a 25% discount - sweet!

Have you been using baby #1's products for baby #2 and really want to upgrade something? Now is the time!

I actually saw someone asking for an old carseat on Freecyle for this purpose (great idea in my opinion!) You can't legally sell a used car seat, but you can trade it in for a discount! If you do not need your carseat and have no need for the upgrade - consider putting it on freecyle for that purpose - or email friends that are expecting a baby and ask them if they are interested!  Help someone save some money and clear out a little junk at the same time - sweet!

Click Here for more information!

While you are there - make sure to sign up for the FREE savings program for Babies R Us & Toys R Us - you scan your card and earn free stuff - nice!

Enjoy ~

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