Sunday, October 31, 2010

Candy 'Buy Back' all over town!

Click Here for a list of places you can bring all that excess candy to be bought back!  They will give you $1 a pound for all that sugar.  This is really a very cool program - all candy is shipped to our troops serving overseas. 

We already have a HUGE bowl full of candy from our trick or treating earlier this week - we plan on going today and tomorrow too - our kids are only allowed one candy a day and my hubby and I just don't really care for most candy (if it isn't an Almond Joy or a dark chocolate TJ's peanut butter cup it is really of no use to us!)...there is no way we can use it all and we are so happy we have this opportunity to share!

I know that a $1 a pound will make it easier for many kids to part with their cherished candy!

November 1 - 5

Enjoy ~ Kate

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