Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shameless Plug Sunday ~ Special news our family is excited to share!

Shameless Plug Sunday!

So if you have been following this blog for any amount of time you know that our family's frugality (and this blog) was born out of the desire to adopt internationally when our one modest income didn't seem to be able to make that a reality.

We adopted our son in 2007.  Best. Decision. Ever.
Worth every sacrifice - we are not a wealthy family (by American standards - certainly not by San Diego standards) - but we cut corners, we both worked a little extra, we put the final travel on a credit card to worry about later and brought our son home. I'm not saying we are poor - I'm just saying it wasn't easy.

I am so excited to announce that we have committed to a very cute little girl who lives in Eastern Europe through a very cool organization called Reece's Rainbow.  They advocate for kids who  statistically are much less likely to be matched with a family....ever.  Their 'special needs' make them significantly less desirable.  When there are SO many orphans in the world (nearly 150 million documented) - people really can be very picky about what kind of child they choose.  Children with disabilites simply fall through the cracks...children with even minor disabilities often end up in institutions - for this reason we committed to choosing a harder to place child. 

We noticed 'Marissa' months ago and slowly but surely things started to fall into place......She will be two this November and she is so adorable I can't stand it.

Long story short, A LOT still needs to happen before she is home.  That kills us. Once we have committed to her we want her home.  Unfortunately with intercountry adoption it just doesn't happen that fast.  We will HOPEFULLY travel to bring her home as early as Spring 2011, but it could be later. There is no way to know - we are ok with that.   We don't like it, but we accept that it is part of the package. 

So here is my shameless plug - we will have LOTS of paperwork, legality, and travel fees - we've got a couple fundraisers in place that we'd love for you to consider and/or pass along....

(please know we can afford to raise another child, we simply fundraise the necessary funds to complete an intercountry adoption - the same way a missionary/humanitarian worker would)

Click Here and scroll down to 'Marissa' - Reece's Rainbow is essentially a grant organization - any donations help remove some of the financial burden associated with adoption and are tax deductible - I would LOVE for you to consider this.  I know not everyone can, but if you can and feel lead, please know our family would very much appreciate it!

We have also set up a Just Love coffee store - this is an awesome organization that helps on so many levels - it is fair trade coffee in Ethiopia - it helps farmers as well as children waiting for families in Ethiopia - they also donate $5 from every bag of coffee purchased to our adoption fund (sweet right?!) - it is about the same price as Starbuck's Coffee - but it is such a great cause!  I know so many people buy coffee for themselves, their office, for gifts anyway - I hope you will keep this in mind too!

As odd as it sounds - this blog is a fundraiser of sorts. Our family has budgeted to live on my husband's income alone.  We started this blog to keep us accountable to our finances but also as a way to make a little extra money to deposit into our adoption fund.  We make a little money with ads.  The more traffic and subscribers we have - the more attractive we are to advertisers.  As weird as it may sound - if you share this blog - it potentially helps us raise the funds we need faster!  Also all our little referral programs (swagbucks, ebates, circlebuzz, etc) help us save money too!

Oh! and for those of you still reading who may want to know - we will keep her given name (not 'Marissa') as her middle name - we are planning on naming her Claire.

Shameless personal plug - yes - I know.  But I really wanted to share!

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.....


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