Thursday, October 14, 2010

Clear out ~ tips for an easy garage sale!

With the holidays around the corner you are likely about to own A LOT of new stuff.  Is your house already too full? Are things a little tighter than they were last year financially?

A garage sale is a pretty easy way to clear out lots of stuff (donate what does not sell to a worthy charity!)

The weather is still so beautiful - now is the perfect time to clear out!

I have a few tips that might make it a little less painful

1. Price everything LOW & in sections
ie - ALL clothing & shoes are $1 ALL books are 50 cents - etc
don't bother with pricing each individual thing- it's too time consuming and no matter what people are going to barter anyway.

2. Make sure to post on in the garage sale section and also in sections that you may have lots of stuff in (ie - baby & kids section) - In your listing make sure to describe what you have - condition, etc - ie - if you have quality kids clothing make sure to write 'toddlers clothing in size 2-3T - great brands - great condition' rather than just 'clothes'

3.  Set up a few easy to read signs early that morning or even the night before.

4.  See if a friend wants to come over & bring their stuff too - now you can call it a 'multi-family' garage sale & you get a buddy to hang with!

5. Don't take it personal when people try to barter down on something that has the tags on it & you are already asking 90%'s just part of the deal.

6.  Call the organization you want to donate to and see if they have a pick up service (Salvation Army does!) and let them know when your sale is done - they will come and take what doesn't sell to share with others!

You may not make a ton of money - but you will clear out some space you will likely need in the next couple months!  Apply that money to a date night, holiday shopping, paying down debt - or if you don't 'need' it - donate the money to a worthy cause!  Get the kids involved and teach them about helping others (good lesson as the holidays roll around right?). 

Our community has a garage sale coming up - we are going to participate and the kids will use some of that money to pick out a toy to donate to 'toys for tots'

Enjoy ~

so you never miss deals like this:    

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