Thursday, October 14, 2010

An actual conversation you may or may not find interesting....

The following is a true conversation that happened this past Saturday. It may give you a little insight into the blessing and curse it must be to live with me.....

Harry (my husband) - 'Hey Love - we are totally out of toothpaste!'

Kate - 'No we aren't.  We have lots of little samples, I just put the free Burt's Bees on the counter - you can use that.'

Harry - 'Did you know we were out of toothpaste when you went to the store today?'

Kate - 'Yeah, but I have a plan.'

Harry - 'You have a toothpaste plan?'

Kate - 'Tomorrow CVS has a new deal starting for $2.99 Colgate &  you get $2.99 ECB's - plus I have some ECB's already and I have $1 off coupons for Colgate so they will pay to take the toothpaste out of the store.  I couldn't bring myself to spend money on toothpaste at Ralphs knowing that. I have to go to CVS anyway.'


Kate - 'It's how my brain works now.'

Harry - 'So you are going tomorrow right - cuz this sample isn't going to last more than a couple days.'

Kate - 'Yes Love.'

Harry - 'OK cool'

He proceeded to brush his teeth with our free Burt's Bees toothpaste sample and all was right.

The End.

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