Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Birthday Freebie #9 ~ Victoria's Secret $10 gift card

So this might not work for everyone (sorry guys) - BUT Victoria's Secret fans get a $10 gift card mailed out on their birthday.

I do NOT have a Victoria's Secret credit card - but I did sign up at VSPink -I have got to say - best customer loyalty program hands down. I get 'free panty' coupons in the mail ALL the time - seriously - all the time. There is no rule against men joining VSPink - I signed my husband up too - they don't mind! MOST places won't allow more than one per address but Victoria's Secret doesn't mind - just one per person. I don't ever suggest working a system or using a fake address or anything like that - but if it is allowed - why not?! Since our birthdays are two days apart we've got TWO $10 gift cards - yay!

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